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Tailor-Made Television: TV Everywhere

An in-depth look at the latest usage trends in TV Everywhere

Tailor-Made Television: Video-on-Demand

An in-depth look at the latest usage trends in Video-on-Demand

Tailor-Made Television: DVR

An in-depth look at the latest DVR usage trends

What Are Adults Doing in Any Given Minute? – Infographic

An average minute audience comparison of US adults by platform

The Real Summer Getaway: Escaping With Premium Video Content

A seasonal overview on the central role that premium, multi-screen video holds in people’s lives during summer months

Good Fortune: A Look at the Behaviors & Media Consumption of Affluent Americans

An analysis of the lifestyle traits and video viewing behaviors of the Affluent

You Down With OTT? An Overview of The Video Ecosystem

An overview of the competitive OTT video ecosystem and how it delivers more content, choice and advertising opportunities to consumers

The Surround Sound of Cinema: Examining How Movies Permeate Culture

A comprehensive look at cinema’s presence, popularity, properties and people across the cultural landscape

2016 VAB Video Fact Book

Order your copy of the just-released 2016 Video Fact Book. Filled with hundreds of charts, this 120+ page resource is a must have for all marketers.

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Industry News

May 18, 2018

How Digital Advertisers Are Adapting Habits to Reach Audiences That Prefer TV

FAANG is projected to have spent around $1.8 billion for television ads

May 15, 2018

How Video on Demand and Time-Shifting Are Changing Television

Live TV is still king, but VOD is growing every year

May 15, 2018

ESPN Touts Effectiveness of Spots Viewed Out-of-Home

When Nielsen includes out-of-home viewing in its ratings, ESPN gets the biggest lift, a total-day 8.5% gain in people two years old and up

May 14, 2018

Levy Wants 5% of TV Ad Budgets Spent on Audiences

“This is the time, this is the year, when audience buying is a must. People are going to start getting left behind if they don’t start doing it.” — David Levy, President, Turner

May 14, 2018

For Many Networks, Less Is More When It Comes to Ad Loads During Upfronts

Several media companies recently announced efforts to declutter their prime-time shows by cutting ad loads

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VAB President & CEO Sean Cunningham sits down with Beet.TV
Discussing how the “digital pure-play” companies grew through Television advertising
See more in our report “The Market-Changer’s Playbook: Why TV is Where Disruptors Go To Grow Big”

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