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September 30th, 2015

Audience for ‘Daily Show’ Gets Six Years Younger as Trevor Noah’s Debut Draws a Crowd

Comedy Central’s hotly anticipated premiere Monday night of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” drew a younger crowd – and a larger one

September 25th, 2015

$6 Billion Lost To Fraudulent Ad Spend

Advertisers waste over $6 billion a year in fraudulent advertising spend.

September 21st, 2015

Do More TV Commercials Equal More Marketer's Site Visits?

VAB study shows 85 brands with visitor increases, 87% had upped TV spending. On average, they increased spending by 22% and saw 24% increases in unique visitors.

September 21st, 2015

TV Ads Drive Brands' Web Traffic

A new VAB study shows that an increase in TV ad spending results in a corresponding increase in web traffic.

What’s New

Ignition Point: The TV-Traffic Correlation For Call-To-Action Brands

This report looks at the correlation between website traffic & TV spend within six major “call-to-action” categories.

Fast-forward to DVR Insights

DVR penetration has slowed significantly, nearing its maturity. Today, still one in two households do not own a DVR. ‘Live’ TV is still the norm as three quarters of Primetime minutes (P18-49) are viewed live which is consistent across the age spectrum. This presentation provides an in-depth look at DVR households.

Is Your Ad Being Seen?: A Primer On Viewable Impressions, Bot Traffic and Ad Blocking

One of the biggest questions currently on advertiser’s minds is “is my online ad actually being seen?”.  Over the past several years, the online industry has been plagued with three main advertiser issues: Ad Viewability, Ad Fraud and Ad Blocking.  This primer provides an in-depth look at each issue.

Disconnected Reality: Untangling the Great Cord Cutting & Streaming Misperception

This whitepaper explores the makeup of “cord cutters,” “cord nevers” and broadband-only homes; the effect of streaming on TV penetration and viewership; and the real health of the TV industry.

Multi-Screen Insights

Televisions reach is undeniable – reaching 90% of all adults in any given week. With digital video’s growth, Television still commands 9 out of 10 total video viewing minutes.

A Question Of Impact: Exploring the Correlation Between TV Spend & Business Performance

This analysis explores the correlation between TV spending & business performance among 100 parent companies across major companies.