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The Market-Changer’s Playbook: Why TV Is Where Disruptors Go To Grow Big

An analysis exploring the effect of TV spend on brand metrics such as website traffic, online interactions and revenue / sales for category disruptors. Check out video recap here.

No Days Off! – Sports Infographic

One-page highlights sheet reflecting key stats from our “No Days Off” sports report.

No Days Off! Celebrating The Everyday Communal Experience Of Sports

An in-depth look at how TV brands live in the center of a sports ecosystem that broadcasts more than 10,000 sporting events annually.

Cool Off With Premium Video Content: How Viewers are Beating The Heat During Summer Months

This report details the power of Ad-Supported TV content during the summer season.

Millennials In Transition: How Media Consumption Evolves With Each Life Stage

This report explores 18-34-year-olds media consumption in three distinct life stages: reliant (living with a parent), self-sufficient (living on their own) and budding home with child (married with children).

Do We Have Consensus? How the Ad Community’s Media Behaviors Became America’s “Norms”

This report investigates how the advertising community compares to the general public and explores their perceptions about ‘typical’ American media consumption.

Do we Have Consensus? Advertising Community Report (Webinar)

Pre-recorded webinar on our recently released report comparting the Ad Community’s media consumption to the typical “American.”

Shifting Gears: How TV Drives Online Traffic for Automotive

An analysis illustrating the correlation between TV spend and website traffic for auto manufacturers.

Start Your Engines: TV Accelerates Automotive Buyers’ Path to Purchase

A proprietary study to better understand each media type’s role throughout the likely buyer’s journey in purchasing/leasing a vehicle.

Say YES To Addressability: A Guide To Precise TV Targeting

A report that breaks down the perceived barriers of Addressable TV with supporting insights and relevant case studies.

Video Truths: Declaration of Video “Dependence”

This pamphlet details five fact-evident, undeniable truths about multi-screen premium video.

Requiem For A Stream: The Relationship Between TV Brands & Video Streaming

A look at the current TV environment and evolution of video consumption along with the effects that video streaming and ad-supported TV have on each other.

Requiem For A Stream: The Video Streaming Ecosystem

An overview of the video streaming ecosystem with a focus on TV-related content and offerings

50 Shades of Green: Vast Spending Power of Adults 50+

This report details the incredible marketing opportunity for targeting Adults 50+

New“Fronting” 2016

Applying “meaningful” comparable metrics from Any Given Minute to Ad-Tech’s “big” claims made during the 2016 NewFronts.

2016 VAB Video Fact Book

Order your copy of the just-released 2016 Video Fact Book. Filled with hundreds of charts, this 120+ page resource is a must have for all marketers.

Industry News

July 12, 2017

Amazon Promotes Prime Day On TV

The retail giant spent nearly $840,000 running Prime Day-themed television commercials in the U.S.

June 27, 2017

Fox’s New Ad Sales Chief on the State of the Market and How Advertising Is Evolving Under His Watch

Joe Marchese, Fox’s new ad sales chief, wants to combat the idea that “TV isn’t scale”.

June 26, 2017

Two of the World’s Biggest Advertisers are Cutting Back on Their Digital Ad Spend

After pushing for more transparency among digital platforms, Procter & Gamble and Unilever are reducing their digital advertising budgets.

June 20, 2017

Fox Commits To 6-Second Spots On YouTube

Fox Network Groups is the first broadcast TV company to run 6-second ads on YouTube, as announced at Cannes Lions.

June 15, 2017

CBS Study: TV Trumps Digital in Spending and Reach

A new study conducted by CBS looked at 315 brands that ran campaigns on both TV and digital and found that TV still came out on top.

June 1, 2017

TV’s ROIs Dominate All Media

TV still beats digital, showing higher return on investment gains year over year.

May 30, 2017

P&G Shift to TV May Hit Resistance — From the Networks

Procter & Gamble is planning on shifting ad dollars back to TV after being dissatisfied with digital, however they are facing resistance from TV Networks.

May 22, 2017

Facebook Refunds Some Advertisers After Finding New Measurement Bug

Facebook is issuing refunds to some advertisers after a bug caused the system to overstate clicks on marketers’ websites.

Featured Videos

Category Disruptors TV Attribution Recap
A short video showcasing the topline insights from our report, “The Market-Changer’s Playbook: Why TV is Where Disruptors Go To Grow Big,” which explores the effect of TV spend on key brand metrics

Automotive Video Recap
A 60-second video showcasing insights and stats from our custom study exploring media’s role in a likely automotive buyers purchase journey.

Our Top 2016 Insights in 90 Seconds
Didn’t have time in 2016 to read all 25+ reports the VAB Insights team released? No problem…

Before we issue our first report of the New Year, we thought it was a good idea to quickly reflect on 2016. In 90 seconds, you can catch up on the key stats from our most read and shared reports.

World Television Day – November 21st
In 1996, the United Nations proclaimed November 21st to be World Television Day as “television helps bring the world to people’s lives and living rooms.  Through quality programming, television sheds light on global issues and opens windows of understanding on the struggles and hopes of communities and families everywhere.”  This year we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the UN’s proclamation with a video that showcases television’s growth and delivery of unmatched quality content across all screens.  Thank you to our viewers and advertisers for their continued commitment to multiplatform TV brands.

Rob Lowe On Online Viewability Standards
Rob Lowe gives the full picture on a subject that’s near and dear to his heart.

Man Discovers He’s a Bot
In an exclusive interview, we hear the story of one man’s shocking realization that his whole life has been a lie. After years of impersonating countless human beings and struggling with his own identity, he has finally come to terms with the truth. He is just one of millions of bots operating out of server farms, generating at least 30 million fraudulent online video views per day and wasting an estimated $6.3 billion of digital advertising dollars this year.

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