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July 27, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Hits All the Right Notes in the Moving 'I Am Cait'

New E! series premieres Sunday

July 22, 2015

Want to Improve Your Business Revenue? Buy More TV Ads

VAB study finds spending on television pays off

July 15th, 2015

NBC Universal Wraps $6 Billion Upfront

NBC Universal has closed out the last of its 2015-16 upfront business, writing nearly $6 billion in advance commitments across its portfolio of broadcast and cable assets.

What’s New

A Question Of Impact: Exploring the Correlation Between TV Spend & Business Performance

This analysis explores the correlation between TV spending & business performance among 100 parent companies across major companies.

VAB Report: Its Time For a Check Up! Update On The HealthCare Industry

Personal health care expenditures are projected to grow 26% in the next four years. Ad-Supported premium TV content captures older adults who utilize healthcare services the most. These mature consumers spend 4X more time with TV content than the 4 portals and Facebook combined.

Sizzling Summer Series Show Spectacular Success Across Screens

The VAB has taken a look at the Summer TV environment, both past and present, and delivers the accompanying report illustrating Television’s dominance during this time period.

CAB becomes Video Advertising Bureau (VAB)

CAB becomes Video Advertising Bureau (VAB). The CAB announced today they are expanding their membership to include the 5 major broadcast networks.

As Seen On TV: A Direct Response To What Drives DR

Direct Response category media analysis constructed to understand how TV drives brand success.

CAB Exclusive Interview: Are You a Bot?

The CAB has an exclusive interview with a man who has made a shocking discovery: he’s actually a bot.