Cable Nation: Reports

Looking for insight into the ever changing world of video? Look no further, our reports tackle issues and questions we hear directly in the marketplace from Agencies and Advertisers. Each report is filled with dozens of charts, facts and insights addressing a specific hot button issue.

Have an idea for our next report? We can answer questions throughout the full spectrum of video advertising: cross platform usage and measurement, national and/or local market issues / trends, multicultural, planning, buying, competitive spending, programming, media metrics & measurement, SVOD, …just ask.

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The Power Of Professionally Produced Programming

This in-depth report looks at ad-supported TV’s superior content, reach and engagement advantage over YouTube.

Branded TV Content vs. Other Media

This report highlights the strength of branded TV content and how to compete with newspapers, radio and magazines by showcasing Television’s strength.

Get Real: Video Advertising 2015

Fact vs. Perception On The Video Frontier. This report shows that the overwhelming majority of consumer attention is concentrated on multiscreen TV content.

The Value of Niche Cable Networks

This report explores the scale, growth and viewer engagement of niche cable networks from both a TV and digital perspective.

What’s Driving Digital

“Pure-play” internet brands have spent over $4 billion dollars on TV advertising in 2013 alone, a 37% increase over the last five years. This report looks at why these brands rely on television to achieve their goals.

2014 Elections: Cable’s Mid-Term Momentum

Cable is off to a hot start this election year with a 340% increase in political ads vs. 2010, much of which sourced from local broadcast. This report explores why there’s been such a dramatic shift towards cable TV

Video On Demand

With increased ease of use and record number of recent telecasts of popular shows, VOD has grown substantially – now available in 60% of homes. VOD viewers spend more time with TV and in effect more time with commercials. This document details VOD’s growth and its advantages.

Young Adult TV Usage – Myth vs Reality

Lately there has been much written in the press about young adults deserting TV for mobile devices. In reality, young adults are consuming more media than ever across all platforms. In this report, we examined the various myth’s about young adults, specifically young women.

Mythbusting: The Exaggerated Effects of Cord Cutting

Much has been made in the press about cord cutting, broadband only homes and “zero TV” HHs but what does this mean for cable TV?  This updated whitepaper examines how media consumption habits, consumer behaviors and macro, cable and advertising economic trends are projected to affect the industry as it relates to cord cutting.

The Age of Adults 50+ - A Powerful, Desirable Consumer

This report focuses on the economic, psychographic and media behaviors that have turned the Adult 50+ demographic, powered by alpha boomers, into a powerful, desirable consumer. In addition to the available Cable Nation report, click here for a more detailed analysis.

Automotive: The Fast Lane to Attracting Likely Buyers

CAB custom study exploring what media influence a likely automotive buyer throughout their decision making process


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