Cross Platform

One of the topics we receive the most questions about in the marketplace is video consumption. Given the multitude of new video devices available and the accelerated rate and pace of acceptance among consumers, it is no surprise there is a constant need for current video stats and insights.

The documents in this section provide the latest video trends broken down by demo, device, time spent, activity, and more. In our custom studies we delve into the motivations of screen usage, advertising acceptance by platform and ‘right now’ topics such as SVOD, TV apps, and binge viewing. These documents illustrate that the consumer’s connection with premium multi-screen TV content far beyond the television screen.

Custom Cross Platform Studies

We have produced numerous ground-breaking proprietary multi-screen research studies in order to understand consumer usage and acceptance of various video devices.

TV Brands on the Internet

This section illustrates how the consumer’s connection with Television Brands moves far beyond the TV screen.

Multi-Screen trends

This document provides the latest facts, figures and trends on television, computer, gaming console and mobile usage by demographic and race. The data confirms video consumption continues to be additive as viewing hours grow across all screens, including television.

Timeshifting/DVR usage

Although half of TV homes own a DVR, timeshifting continues to represent a relatively modest portion of total television viewing. This presentation provides an in-depth look at DVR households and the type of programming and genres which tend to be the most timeshifted.