Hispanics and Cable

This section provides information to help marketers understand the evolving relationship between cable television and Hispanic consumers. The charts in this section reveal how Cable is an integral component of Latino media habits and some of the latest research trends on their viewership.

HH Media Penetration and Growth

Today, 84% of Hispanic households have cable or satellite—up 5% since 2008. Among Hispanic homes with access to cable channels, Digital Cable has been growing the fastest in recent years (+57%). Meanwhile, the percentage of homes with access only to broadcast channels is falling,
down 20%.

Cable Plus HH Universe Estimates

In raw numbers, from 2008 to 2013, 3.1 million new homes subscribed to cable or satellite—and 1.6 million (53%) of them were Hispanic. Hispanics are driving growth of new cable homes, and their cable penetration has increased at over seven times the rate of non-Hispanics over this period.

Average Hispanic Monthly Rates

Hispanics are spending nearly 30% more per month on cable services than five years ago. Spanish dominant and bilingual Hispanics in particular have increased their budgets for cable entertainment, paying a respective 35% and 53% more than in 2007.

Nielsen Measured Cable Networks

Cable networks have taken note of the rising number of Hispanics with cable subscriptions—and most Hispanic-targeted cable nets have increased their distribution over the last five years. The attached chart outlines the various CAB member networks that are measured by Nielsen and their 5 year growth trends.


When you look at the language composition of Spanish and English cable viewers, it’s clear that combined, they reach the full spectrum of Hispanics. Hispanic-targeted networks reach Spanish speakers (including a large bilingual audience), while English-language cable reaches bilinguals and those who speak only English.

Cable Share of 18-49 Viewing

Cable as a viewing destination is on the rise among Hispanics. When Hispanic P18-49 watch TV, they’re watching cable more and more. Fully half of their total-day viewing is going to cable—as is nearly 60% on the weekends. Primetime has smaller, but growing cable shares. And when you look at other demos, Hispanic teens spend over two-thirds of their viewing time with cable—a sign that cable shares will likely rise as these young people age into the key advertiser demographics.

Spanish Cable Share of Total Spanish Viewing

When it comes to Hispanic-targeted television, cable is capturing a fast-growing share of overall Spanish network viewing. In total day, cable accounts for 17% of Hispanic P18-49 viewing to Hispanic-targeted channels—up 59% in just 4 years. Primetime and weekend also showed solid growth, with 44-48% increases from the 2007-08 to 2011-12 broadcast seasons. As distribution of the various channels continue to rise, this viewership will increase even more significantly.

Spanish Cable Share of Total Viewing

Though few in number compared with English-language cable nets, Hispanic-targeted cable nets represent a fast-growing share of Hispanic viewing. In just four years, the Hispanic P18-49 total day share has nearly doubled. On weekend afternoons, Spanish cable nets approach a 10% share with this demo. For those seeking to reach these consumers in-language, cable represents a growth opportunity.

English Language Cable Share

English-language cable offers the most diverse array of programming. For most key demos and dayparts, it also has the largest share of Hispanic viewing—though at the network channel level, this viewing can be fragmented because there are so many options. In total day among Hispanics 18-49, English Cable accounts for 43% of viewing—up 11% in four years. On the weekend, shares approach 50%. Looking at other demos, teen shares for English Cable are significantly higher than other demos.

Hispanic Targeted Network Directory

Whether they’re in the mood for a European soccer match,the latest bachata videos, or reruns of Family Guy, there is something for all Hispanic viewers on cable. To marketers, cable offers the ability to target specific segments within the Hispanic population.

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