TV Attribution

It’s never been more important for marketers to understand and maximize the return on their advertising investment.

In this rapid bid to ascribe attribution to every media, some marketers assign the vast majority of credit to the last site visited or search term entered. Successful marketers appreciate that media work in concert and dive deeper to understand the specific role each plays.

We have developed several attribution examples that explore the effect of TV spend on key brand metrics. Whether it was increased website traffic or increased revenues, our findings were the same across numerous categories, brands and time periods – TV spend correlates to business results.

The Market-Changer’s Playbook: Why TV Is Where Disruptors Go To Grow Big

VIDEO RECAP: The Market-Changer’s Playbook

Shifting Gears: How TV Drives Online Traffic for Automotive

What’s App’ning!!! The TV-Traffic Correlation For Mobile Apps

Proving TV Is No Gamble: How Daily Fantasy Sports Became A Big Winner With Millennials

Ignition Point: The TV-Traffic Correlation For Call-to-Action Brands

A Question of Impact: Correlation Between TV Spend & Financial Revenue

As Seen on TV: A Direct Response to What Drives DR

What’s Driving Digital?

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