VAB Reports

Searching for insight into the ever changing world of multi-screen advertising? Our custom VAB reports tackle issues and questions we hear directly from marketers and advertisers.

Topics cover a wide range of subjects from the video environment, category analyses, multi-screen usage, media comparisons, lifestage behaviors, attribution, programming and more. Each report is filled with dozens of charts, facts and insights that can be appropriated for your use.

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The Real Summer Getaway: Escaping With Premium Video Content

Good Fortune: A Look at the Behaviors & Media Consumption of Affluent Americans

You Down With OTT? An Overview of The Video Ecosystem

What’s The Spread? NFL on Amazon Live-Stream vs. TV Audience Comparison

#TVisSocial #HolidaySpecial: ‘Tis The Season To Television

The Surround Sound of Cinema: Examining How Movies Permeate Culture – Part I

The Surround Sound of Cinema: Examining How Movies Permeate Culture – Part II

Left To Your Own Devices: Understanding Consumption In Today’s Connected World

Niche is the New Black: How Specialized Cable Networks Deliver Passionate Audiences and Value to Advertisers

TV @ The Epicenter Of American Society: Vol. I – Commerce & Communal Experiences

TV @ The Epicenter Of American Society: Vol. II – Culture & Change

Be Still My Viewing Heart: An exploration of the emotional bond viewers have with television programming and the impact on brands & advertisers

The Echo Chamber Effect: Perceptions vs. Realities in the 2017 Video Advertising Environment

Facebook’s Reach (on Reach): Miscalculations in the Age of Precision

Unrivaled: How Multi-Screen TV Continues to Dominate in Reach, Relevance, and Results


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