VAB Reports

Searching for insight into the ever changing world of multi-screen advertising? Our custom VAB reports tackle issues and questions we hear directly from marketers and advertisers.

Topics cover a wide range of subjects from the video environment, category analyses, multi-screen usage, media comparisons, lifestage behaviors, attribution, programming and more. Each report is filled with dozens of charts, facts and insights that can be appropriated for your use.

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Igniting Today’s Headlines: How TV Brands Stoke The Fire For News

The Market-Changer’s Playbook: Why TV Is Where Disruptors Go To Grow Big

No Days Off! Celebrating The Everyday Communal Experience Of Sports

Cool Off With Premium Video Content: How Viewers are Beating The Heat During Summer Months

Millennials In Transition: How Media Consumption Evolves With Each Life Stage

Do We Have Consensus? How the Ad Community’s Media Behaviors Became America’s “Norms”

Lights, Camera, Call To Action!: The Driving Forces Behind Cinema Advertising

Living Social: Examining The Relationship Between TV & Social Media

Cruising Speed: A Luxury & Economy Buyers’ Car Manual

State of Digital Video

#TVisSocial: How Live TV Sparks Continuous Online Conversations

What’s The Spread? NFL Twitter Live-Stream vs. TV Audience Comparison

Black Millennials in America: A Look at Active and Affluent Young, Black Consumers

Shifting Gears: How TV Drives Online Traffic for Automotive

Start Your Engines: TV Accelerates Automotive Buyers’ Path to Purchase


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