Video Trends

As today’s media ecosystem becomes ever more complex, it’s vital for marketers, agencies and their advertising partners to have access to up-to-date video trends in order to develop effective communication plans.

This section provides in-depth analysis of time-shifting, VOD, OTT, Streaming, TV Everywhere, Social and more with an emphasis on how the consumer’s connection with premium multi-screen video content extends well beyond the television screen.


The latest facts, figures and trends on consumption across all screens including insights on what’s new, and what’s on the horizon, from a technology perspective.

Left to Your Own Devices: Understanding Consumption in Today’s Connected World

Igniting Today’s Headlines: How TV Brands Stoke The Fire For News

“Igniting Today’s Headlines” News Infographic

No Days Off! Celebrating The Everyday Communal Experience Of Sports

No Days Off” Sports Infographic

“Making Technology Meaningful”: CES 2016

Multi-screen Insights

Unrivaled: How Multi-Screen TV Continues to Dominate in Reach, Relevance, and Results

Do We Have Consensus? How the Ad Community’s Media Behaviors Became America’s “Norms”

Research Zone

Looking for the latest research intel and measurement methodology? This section provides snapshots of current industry topics and topline summaries of the primary measurement methodology in National, Digital, Cross-Platform and Local measurement.

Research Intel

Ad Expenditures

VAB Member Studies

National TV Measurement

Digital/Cross-Platform Measurement

Local Measurement

Media Terms


Every night scores of TV viewers access social media on their “second screen” devices to further engage with the programming they’re consuming live. This section examines this relationship between TV and social media with analyses on the scope of TV conversations occurring online.

#TVisSocial #HolidaySpecial: ‘Tis The Season To Television

#TVisSocial #Ep2: How Live TV Drives Online Conversations Into The Summer

#TVisSocial: How Live TV Sparks Continuous Online Conversations

#TVisSocial: Super Bowl 2018 Addendum

#TVisSocial: Oscars
Night 2018 Addendum

Living Social: Examining The Relationship Between TV & Social Media


Consumers have an insatiable thirst for premium multiscreen TV content with the expectation they can access it anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  This section provides an overview and analysis on the various alternative sources that enable consumers to access TV content beyond “live” viewing.

You Down With OTT? An Overview of The Video Ecosystem

Disconnected Reality: Untangling the Great Cord Cutting & Streaming Misperception

Requiem For A Stream – Part I:
The Video Streaming Ecosystem

Requiem For A Stream – Part II:
Video Streaming Behaviors

Requiem For A Stream – Part III:
The Relationship Between
TV Brands & Video Streaming

DVR Insights

DVR Insights

State Of MVPD’s

Custom Video Studies

VAB proprietary research studies exploring media’s role in consumer’s path to purchase and in voters’ decision making process; and an examination into consumer’s media usage across multiple screens.

Do We Have Consensus? How the Ad Community’s Media Behaviors Became America’s “Norms”

Cruising Speed: A Luxury & Economy Buyers’ Car Manual

Start Your Engines: TV Accelerates Automotive Buyers’ Path to Purchase

Winning The
Undecided Voter

Early Polling Shows TV
Wins All

Video Nation: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace (2013)

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