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Looking for a quick way to catch up on our Insights reports? The video below highlights the key stats and figures from our most read and shared reports. In less than two minutes, you can be up to speed on the fast changing world of premium video.

2017 Video Recap

“TV @ The Epicenter Of American Society” Recap

A 2-minute video exposing the truth behind many of the most common video advertising misperceptions

Category Disruptors TV Attribution Recap

Automotive Recap

VAB Infographics

Looking for a quick snapshot or a visual image of key information, data highlights?  This section covers a range of subjects from Millennial Life Stages to Sports.

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VAB Insights Team Infographic

Digital Landscape: Look at Ad Viewability, Fraud and Bots Infographic

Cutting to the Chase: Disconnecting from Speculation and Plugging into the Truth Around Cord Cutting

“Igniting Today’s Headlines”
News Infographic

No Days Off” Sports

Millennials Media
Consumption In Each Life
Stage Infographic

Why Multi-Screen TV Brands?

No Platform Drives Business Like TV’s Premium Video-At-Scale

On screens and beyond, TV is everywhere. It extends well past the living room and connected devices and into the physical world. It permeates popular culture by sparking trends, inspiring viewers, igniting curiosity and influencing opinions and perceptions.

In addition to providing a world class advertising environment, premium multi-screen TV programming also commands the vast majority of viewer attention across all screens by building emotional bonds and fostering personal connections with their audience.

Most importantly, no other platform offers unparalleled awareness, engages consumers in real-time conversation and builds brands while driving business for its advertising partners like Multi-Screen TV.

Good Fortune: A Look at the Behaviors & Media Consumption of Affluent Americans

Niche is the New Black: How Specialized Cable Networks Deliver Passionate Audiences and Value to Advertisers

TV @ The Epicenter Of American Society: Vol. I – Commerce & Communal Experiences

TV @ The Epicenter Of American Society: Vol. II – Culture & Change

VIDEO RECAP: TV @ The Epicenter Of American Society

Unrivaled: How Multi-Screen TV Continues to Dominate in Reach, Relevance, and Results

Be Still My Viewing Heart: An exploration of the emotional bond viewers have with television programming and the impact on brands & advertisers

Cinema Advertising

Combining the best of all worlds – scale, engagement and a world class ad environment – cinema advertising is a natural extension of any video marketers communications plan. Movies deliver a unique experience for marketers to showcase their product on a 50-foot screen to a captive audience.

Above all, cinema advertising produces results – studies have shown the return on advertising investment is 2x higher with cinema in the media mix.

The Surround Sound of Cinema: Examining How Movies Permeate Culture – Part I

The Surround Sound of Cinema: Examining How Movies Permeate Culture – Part II

The Surround Sound of Cinema: Examining How Movies Permeate Culture – Full Version

Lights, Camera, Call To Action!: The Driving Forces Behind Cinema Advertising

Power of Cinema – Delivering
The Hard To Reach Millennials

Cinema’s Reach

Advertising ROI

Case Study

Who is Advertising
in Cinema?

Comparable Metrics

In today’s media world, buyers and sellers are hamstrung by different measurement standards which employ a distinct set of metrics by platform. Because of this, there is a need to reconcile the various digital metrics with TV measurement in order to speak one common language and “level the playing field” across media.

We have developed several analyses utilizing common metrics that are truly comparable across screens which showcase the real scale, usage and commitment between devices as well as between multi-screen TV brands and major ad-tech platforms.

Our primary comparable metric utilized is Average Audience, a metric that incorporates unique reach, average time spent and total minutes viewed to capture the relative scale and commitment of platforms and properties.

What’s The Spread? NFL on Amazon Live-Stream vs. TV Audience Comparison

How Many, How Often & How Long: Comparable Metrics & “Any Given Minute” Update

What’s The Spread? NFL Twitter Live-Stream vs. TV Audience Comparison

Any Given Minute: Solving The
Multi-Screen Measurement Paradox

Any Given Minute Supplement:
Kids & Teens

New“Fronting” 2016

Premium Video vs. Adtech

Among the dizzying array of media press coverage, sometimes a dose of reality is needed regarding what continues to drive media consumption among major demos including Millennials. The hard fact remains that Adtech sites like Google, Yahoo!, msn, AOL and Facebook do not come close to matching the quality and scale of premium, professional, multi-screen video content.

Facebook’s Reach (on Reach):
Miscalculations in the
Age of Precision

Just The Facts: A Comparison
of MillennialContent Among
TV Brands & YouTube

The Media Effects of Facebook Mobile’s “Battery-Draining App”

Just The Facts: An Analysis Of YouTube’s Claims

Multi-Screen TV Brands vs. Ad-Tech: Time Spent

Top Online Content Destinations

Get Real: Video Advertising 2016

Generational Insights

Marketers are faced with a variety of consumer groups that span generations, some of which have distinctly different personalities. Marketing to each generation can fail or succeed depending on how much an advertiser understands about the media consumption of each group.

Although each generation has vastly different influences and personalities, we found one common bond: premium video content.  Although the type of content and screen may differ, the commitment and passion to premium video content remains the great equalizer across generations.

Millennials In Transition: How Media Consumption Evolves With Each Life Stage

Millennials Media Consumption In Each Life Stage Infographic

Black Millennials in America: A Look at Active and Affluent Young, Black Consumers

Generational Snapshots

Millennials Decoded:
“Turnt Up” For TV

Just The Facts: A Comparison of Millennial
Content Among TV Brands & YouTube

50 Shades of Green:
Vast Spending Power
of Adults 50+


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