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VAB’s First Video Insights Guide

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We are proud to introduce the
2019 VAB Video Insights Guide available now for purchase.

This indispensable guide is bursting with compelling data, must-read charts and need-to-know statistics within multi-screen TV and Cinema. Over half of the data in this 160-page resource is based on VAB custom analyses, offering marketers unique data comparisons and fresh insights.

The guide is designed to provide marketers clarity on the most often asked about topics in video:

  • Attribution and Outcomes:
    • 68 case studies and brand examples quantifying the impact of multi-screen TV on business outcomes
    • Examples of how marketers are employing innovative measurement tools to analyze their campaigns
  • Emotions and Engagement:
    • Proprietary VAB data, based largely on custom surveys and analyses, that quantitatively proves viewers’ deep emotional engagement with multi-screen TV
    • Deep-dives into Millennial and Multi-cultural viewers offer additional nuanced insight to these important audiences
  • Scale and Reach:
    • What-you-need-to-know stats on audience viewership across screens and devices
    • Clear charts, data, and insights illustrating how viewers are expanding their viewership of premium video across video platforms, such as OTT, VOD, TV Everywhere, and DVR usage
  • Safety and Trust:
    • Custom research indicating the trust viewers have in Television content
    • The data behind why brand safety has been a struggle on YouTube, as well as why TV and film content is an opportunity for marketers seeking brand-safety on the platform
  • The Strength of Cinema:
    • Key stats demonstrating the size and scale of the cinema audience
    • The quantifiable impact the movie industry has on influencing culture and growing commerce

The guide features over 150 indispensable charts and analyses, as well as a distillation of data into the core learnings and key takeaways.

For a sampling of this data, we’re pleased to offer a complimentary version at no cost.

The full 2019 VAB Video Insights Guide is available for purchase at $249.99 and includes 150+ charts, analyses and insights.

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