Digital/Cross-Platform Measurement

This section provides a brief overview of digital/cross-platform measurement services available today.

Ad Viewability
In order for your ad to have an impact, it must be seen. Check out this infographic on online viewability and power of publisher direct content.

Nielsen Measurement

Digital in TV Ratings
Measures content across digital platforms with same linear ad load (additive to TV ratings).

VOD Content Ratings
Measures VOD and SVOD content with a dynamic ad load or no ads.

Nielsen Content Ratings (DCR)
Digital Content Ratings measures content across digital platforms with a dynamic ad load or no ads. Provides overnight reach, frequency, and GRPs for TV program viewership on computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, in-app and in-browser). It also allows marketers to gain insights into a program’s audience and demographics at the episode level.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings
Digital Ad Ratings measures ads that are dynamically served across digital platforms. Provides overnight measurement for campaigns running across all digital screens (on computers and mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet, in-browser and in-app). DAR collects census level of impressions by utilizing tags for measurement across devices and then matches impressions with demo information using third party, Facebook.  Demo data is then calibrated using Nielsen’s cross platform panel.

It also allows marketers to verify the viewability of ads, accounting for bots and fraudulent impressions. And with the addition of Expanded Demographics, DAR is now able to report campaign results based on household income, #of children, level of education, and audience behavioral segmentation.

Nielsen Total Ad Ratings
TAR reports unduplicated viewing of linear and dynamically served ads from TV ratings and digital ad ratings. TAR architecture consists of Linear TV ratings (measures ads on Live TV, VOD and DVR) and Digital Ad Ratings (measures ads that are dynamically served across digital platforms). Digital ads must have ID3 tags to be counted. Deduplication is calibrated against Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Homes panel.

Nielsen Total Content Ratings
TCR reports unduplicated viewing of video content linear TV, digital and on-demand platforms across ad loads. TCR architecture consists of: linear TV ratings, digital in TV ratings, Digital Content ratings and VOD content Ratings. With one unduplicated set of audience metrics, media sellers can effectively monetize their inventory across platforms and linear and dynamic ad loads.

TAR/TCR Measurement Overview

comScore Digital/Cross-Platform Measurement
comScore leverages uniquely large data assets for media consumption, including behavior across 52 million television screens, 250 million computers, and 190 million mobile devices in the U.S. These large datasets solve the zero-cell problem for reporting on local markets, niche medias, and advanced audience segmentation.

For unified measurement, comScore takes a “data-centric, panel-informed” approach to cross-platform measurement. Data-centricity delivers census or near-census scale and the reporting depth needed to measure a fragmented media landscape –especially at the local-market level. Panels provide person-level data and help calibrate behavior against the total reporting population. comScore unifies these assets to achieve true person-level cross-platform audience measurement with quality and precision.

Media Metrix® Multi-Platform:
Media Metrix® Multi-Platform provides an unduplicated view of total audience behavior across desktops, smartphones and tablets to give a deep look at audience size, demographic composition, engagement, and behavioral trends. Additionally, can access select advanced audience segments.

Video Metrix® Multi-Platform:
Video Metrix® Multi-Platform delivers a single, unduplicated measure of digital video consumption across desktop, smartphones, and tablets. Premium video content and advertising can be planned, bought and sold across platforms using TV-comparable GRP metrics that measure audience engagement.

comScore MobiLens® Plus:
MobiLens® Plus is a market research tool that provides insights into consumers’ smartphone and tablet device preferences, usage trends, and demographics. Matching quantitative observed behaviors with self-reported survey responses, MobiLens Plus connects data about consumers’ mobile content consumption with their purchase-intents, interests and device satisfaction.

Plan Metrix® Multi-Platform:
Plan Metrix Multi-Platform is an audience intelligence solution that combines consumers’ desktop and mobile behavior with detailed information about their lifestyles, interests, attitudes, demographics and behaviors, for a unified digital view.

Unduplicated Measurement
comScore’s multi-source approach, which combines panel and census data for calculating audience overlap functions for a more complex media ecosystem, has succeeded in delivering unduplicated audience reach estimates for three, four and five media platforms, giving new insight into how each platform contributes to incremental audience reach and engagement.

comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE)
vCE is a holistic ad and audience delivery validation solution that delivers real-time insights to improve the performance of advertising campaigns – for display, video and mobile devices.

Xmedia™ provides unduplicated audience measurement across TV content and digital media in a single tool.

Total Home Panel
Total Home Panel is a single-source measurement solution that measures consumer behavior across home network-connected devices, enabling clients to better understand cross-platform media consumption and consumer engagement with technology. 8,000+ homes participate daily with over 100,000+ devices every month.

comScore Viewability
Viewability is a free, self-service solution that provides baseline campaign viewability measurement across display, video, desktop and mobile.

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