Don’t Sleep On TV:

How Television Drives Outcomes For The Mattress & Bedding Categories

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In recent years, the mattress & bedding categories

have experienced a transformation as several new brands – many of which are digital-native, “direct-disruptors” that sell their products directly to consumers – have entered the marketplace.

With this heightened competition has come greater advertising spend, particularly within Television, as brands seek out the scale and engagement that the medium provides in order to establish brand recognition and differentiate themselves from their competitors in an effort to impact sales.

In this report, Don’t Sleep On TV, we examine the TV spend of 16 mattress / bedding-related brands in relation to available brand metrics such as website traffic, online interactions and revenue to determine what, if any, correlations exist.

Here are some highlights:

  • As mattress brands battle for competitive market share, TV spend increased 74% in 2017 vs. year ago
  •  All measured brands saw a definitive correlation between their TV spend & website traffic
    • Website traffic skyrocketed for those brands that launched new TV campaigns, helping increase monthly website traffic by hundreds of thousands of potential new customers
    • Web traffic increased for those who increased their TV investment or, conversely, traffic decreased for those whose TV spending declined
  • TV ignites brand interest and pushes consumers to learn more through higher search queries and additional online viewing of the TV ads
  • Most importantly, brands often see double-digit revenue growth when they increase their TV investment

To learn more about how TV drives business outcomes in the mattress & bedding categories, click here to download the report.

The Mattress Category Spent Almost $200MM on TV in 2017

Monthly Website Unique Visitors (000) Comparison

Please also visit our Attribution page for more stats and facts on TV attribution across categories.

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