Left To Your Own Devices:

Understanding Consumption In Today’s Connected World

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In our latest quarterly report surveying the media landscape,

Left To Your Own Devices, we update the media consumption habits of major demographic segments based on recently released 2Q ‘18 data. We also provide a new analysis that compares “time spent” and second-screen behaviors between TV and radio / audio devices.

Consumers are living in a video world – it accounted for over 50% of the 10 hours that people spend with media per day in 2Q ‘18 – but it’s important to note that Television continues to be the leader of this world with “live TV” representing over 70% of total video viewing.

However, we know that different demographics and people in different life stages may consume media differently than others and these behaviors continue to evolve. In recognition of this, we’ve updated our comprehensive segmentation analysis highlighting the who, what, where, when and how by device which explores the nuances that exist within the video ecosystem.

Although overall time spent with Television (the device) has decreased as video viewing continues to grow on alternative devices such as connected devices and smartphones, ad-supported multiscreen TV brands are well-positioned to continue capturing audiences across all demos and across any screen:

  • In any given minute…there are 9x more Adults 18+ watching multiscreen TV brands than are on YouTube and there are 5x more Millennials watching multiscreen TV brands than are on Facebook
  • Multiple ad-supported TV brands rank in the top 5 most popular digital platforms across major content genres

Finally, with one of our newer analysis, we show the superior engagement and advantages of sight, sound and motion messaging when it comes to driving consumer digital actions between TV and Audio media platforms:

  • TV viewers are 40% more likely than audio listeners to take a digital action after seeing/hearing a brand being advertised

To learn more about device usage within the current video landscape, click here to download the report.

Device Segmentation: Exploring
The How, Who, Where, When & What

TV Viewers Are 40% More Likely
Than Audio Listeners To Take A
Digital Action

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