Left To Your Own Devices:

Understanding Consumption In Today’s Connected World

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In our latest quarterly report surveying the video landscape,

Left To Your Own Devices, we take an expanded look at the impact of connected devices on the overall ecosystem and put “time spent” with streaming in perspective.

Additionally, recognizing that people in different demographics & life stages may consume media differently, we’ve developed a comprehensive segmentation analysis that highlights the who, what, where, when and how by device to provide a deeper education on the nuances that exist within the video ecosystem.

Although overall time spent with Television (the device) has decreased as video viewing continues to grow on alternative options such as connected devices and smartphones, ad-supported multiscreen TV brands are well-positioned to continue capturing audiences across all demos and across any screen

Consider these stats:

  • In any given minute…there are 10x more Adults 18+ watching multiscreen TV brands than are on YouTube and there are 5x more Millennials watching multiscreen TV brands than are on Facebook
  • Ad-Supported TV brands’ collective unduplicated monthly reach on their owned digital platforms is nearly ubiquitous, reaching 86% of P18+, 97% of P18-34, 94% of P35-49, 90% of P50-64
  • Multiple ad-supported TV brands rank in the top 5 most popular digital platforms across major content genres
  • In fact, ad-supported TV brands’ digital platforms collectively account for a large majority share of total “time spent” among some of the top content genres in digital: sports (P18-34: 81%), news (P35-49: 80%), TV-type entertainment (P18-34: 74%)

In contrast, we also look at the relationship Millennials have with original YouTube content to see if it provokes the same level of “emotional stakes.” Interestingly, we found that Millennials show more commitment, emotion, and anticipation towards TV programming than these YouTube videos.

To learn more about device usage within the current video landscape, click here to download the report.

Device Segmentation: Exploring The How, Who, Where, When & What

Ad-Supported TV Brands Represent Some of The Most Popular Digital Content Across Device

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