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Why TV Is Where Disruptors Go To Grow Big

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TV: Where Disruptors Go To Grow Big

In this report, The Market-Changer’s Playbook: Why TV Is Where Disruptors Go To Grow Big, we examine the TV spend of 35 category disruptors – brands like Uber, Airbnb, Dyson, Wayfair and Zillow – in relation to available brand metrics such as website traffic, online interactions and revenue / sales or valuations for private companies to determine what, if any, correlations exist.

Some key findings of the report include:

  • The 35 brand disruptors collectively spent over $2.6 billion on TV in 2016, a 23% increase YOY
  • The “brand building” disruptors segment saw an 184% YOY increase on total digital actions – including increased search queries, social media actions, and total online views – with an increased investment on TV.
  • For “brand expanding” companies, revenues spiked after they launched a TV campaign or sharply increased TV spending. For instance, Dollar Shave Club and saw over a 100% increase in revenue upon launching a TV campaign or heavying-up on TV, respectively.
  • In 2016, the five major “established” digital disruptors (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, aka “FAANG”), spent almost $1.4 billion on TV, up from $550 million in 2011.

As you’ll see in this report, no other investment provides the proven sales successes like TV and it truly is the place where disruptors go to grow big. To study up on the market-changer’s playbook, click here to download the report and watch the video recap here.

The 35 Disruptors Analyzed Spent Over $2.6B on TV in 2016

TV Is The Catalyst That
Jumpstarts Conversation

2015 vs. 2016

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