National TV Measurement

This section includes a brief overview of the two largest national television measurement services, Nielsen and comScore.

Nielsen National Measurement
Nielsen’s People meter technology is used to electronically capture all viewing from their nationally projectable sample of panelists. Nielsen captures what channels viewers are watching on each television set in the home and can identify who is watching and when. National and local people meters contribute to this sample.

Definition of a TV Home
Current TV homes include one or more television sets able to receive a TV signal via over-the-air, cable, satellite, Telco or Broadband connection

Broadband Only Homes
At the start of the ‘13/14 season, Broadband only homes which are defined as a household with at least one operable TV / monitor that receives video exclusively through a broadband internet connection instead of traditional means (over-the-air, wired cable, telco, satellite) were added to the Nielsen national sample. To date, BBO homes penetration is at 7% on a household level but higher when look at younger demos such as 18-24 with 11% (as of 3/18).

Nielsen Panel Expansion
Effective January 2016, Nielsen doubled the sample size of the NPM panel to 26,000 HHs to improve rating stability by reducing fluctuations and zero-rated quarter hours in sample by:

  • Adding 2,200 people meter households in remainder of U.S. geographies through monthly replicates.
  • Increased Set meter panel by 12,900 with viewer assignment modeling technique.

Nielsen’s Viewer Assignment Modeling
Nielsen already knows who is in the home and what is being watched and this methodology fills in which member is watching by computing demo probabilities. Viewer assignment modeling will eliminate diaries in 45 markets (31 set meter markets and 14 diary markets utilizing code reader). Per Nielsen, this modeling approach should increase stability and reduce zero cells.

Additionally, Viewer Assignment will address unidentified audience fault condition to improve persons in tab rates to have more homes contribute to ratings/ PUTs. It will be applied to those households where TV is on but no-one has checked himself in as a viewer (currently at 3% of households).

Out-of-Home Measurement
In April 2017, Nielsen introduced PPM measurement for out-of-home viewing (bars, restaurants, airports, offices, hotel rooms, and other places outside of the home where TV is watched). This will include viewing from over 75,000 PPM panelists, effectively doubling the sample size across 44 Local TV markets, enabling Nielsen to project out-of-home viewing in 65% of the country.

Nielsen is reporting Netflix content through an independent audio recognition software in the 44,000 Nielsen-rated homes across the United States. Viewership data of SVOD-delivered programming can now be analyzed versus other national TV programming — day-by-day or within other time frames.
Right now, this is capturing TV only and not mobile.

What is C3?
C3 measurement is the most common currency utilized in national TV buys. Launched in 2007, C3 refers to the ratings for an average commercial minute in live programming plus three days of DVR playback. C3 includes direct response ads but excluded promos and PSA’s.

comScore Measurement
comScore measures TV viewing on a massive scale from more than 75 million set-top boxes in more than 35 million homes across the U.S. generating granularity and depth of data at every level. By utilizing passive, continuous and impartial measurement of every type of multi-channel video programming distributor (MVPD), comScore reliably weights and project viewing in from all 210 local markets to the entire U.S. population.

TV Essentials is the core national television measurement that provides television buyers and sellers with precise, massive-scale measurement of national television programming and advertising. TV Essentials clients can access viewing from more than 250 TV networks, including niche and long-tail channels.

OnDemand Essentials provides census-level measurement of video on demand viewing from more than 117 million set-top boxes and nearly every MVPD in the U.S.

comScore Exact Commercial Ratings provides the exact performance of specific commercials –not just the average of all ads in a telecast or ad pod.

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