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NFL on Amazon In-Game Stream vs. TV Audience Comparison

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Are you curious to see how Amazon in-game stream audiences stack up against linear TV for NFL Thursday Night Football games this season?

The VAB compiled the 2018 season overview and box score for each game between Amazon’s live-streaming and linear TV’s audiences based on several comparable metrics – unique viewers, average minutes per viewers and average minute audience.

Key takeaways from the NFL’s in-game Amazon streaming compared to the TV telecasts:

Amazon Delivered An Average Audience Of 500K People During The 2018 Season…

  • In addition to Amazon Prime Video, NFL game streaming was also available for the first time on Amazon’s live-streaming video platform, Twitch
  • Globally, Amazon’s streaming can now be accessed in over 200 countries and territories


…But Amazon Was No Match Against The Over 14 Million Average Audience Delivered By The Perennial Champs: Television


  • U.S. TV’s Average Minute Audience across the eleven comparable Amazon-streamed games was 29x larger than Amazon’s global audience
  • Linear TV delivered a much larger, more engaged audience across every comparable game
    • On average, Linear TV’s unique reach was 37.8 million people (P2+) per game while Amazon’s reach was only 2.0 million
    • On average, linear TV viewers watched for 40% longer than streamers who watched on Amazon digital properties

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