Exploring Multicultural
Viewers’ Passionate
Relationship With
TV Programming

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Multicultural viewers are particularly passionate for TV content

and have a deep connection to their favorite programs, characters and personalities. These bonds, in turn, foster high engagement and attentiveness within these audience segments.

In this second installment of our Committed program engagement series, we analyze the emotional ties that Black and Hispanic viewers have to ad-supported TV while highlighting the decidedly different levels in which Multicultural viewers relate to their favorite programs vs. the Non-Hispanic White demographic.

Decidedly Different Vs. Non-Hispanic White Viewers…

  • Passionately Engaged: Black viewers are 25% more likely & Hispanic viewers are 19% more likely to feel personally connected to the characters on their favorite TV programs
  • Social Sharers: Black viewers are 64% more likely & Hispanic viewers are 59% more likely to share, post or tweet video clips / content about a TV program
  • Knowledge-Seekers: Black viewers are 58% more likely & Hispanic viewers are 50% more likely to read online recaps, blogs or reviews about an episode of a TV show
  • Inspired to Purchase: Black viewers are 82% more likely & Hispanic viewers are 50% more likely to purchase a product they saw while watching a TV program

In contrast, we also look at the relationship Multicultural viewers have with original YouTube content to see if it provokes the same level of “emotional stakes.” Not surprisingly, we learned that the culturally-relevant characters and complex storylines developed on TV inspire a much deeper engagement among Blacks and Hispanics than does YouTube.

To learn more about the relationship that Multicultural viewers have with TV programming and the many ways they engage with it, click here to download the report.

Click here to download the first report in the Committed series highlighting Millennials.

Multicultural Viewers Are More Likely To Be “Social Sharers”

Their Purchase Decisions Are Significantly Influenced By Their Connection To Ad-Supported TV

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