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Television Commerce is the activity of buying and selling products and services using interactive television. TV is still the biggest and most-watched screen in home and technologies have made it easier for consumers to buy directly from the advertiser in real time using their TV remote. As 76% of consumers would shop through their TV if possible, check out this decklette to learn more.

Viewability is key for both publishers and buyers as many impressions that are sold are never viewed, causing advertisers to waste millions of dollars each year. With viewability being highly correlated to ad-effectiveness, check out this decklette on online ad viewability.

In a video environment, co-viewing on linear TV is unique, leading to higher engagement with ads. Various research studies have shown that audiences were more likely to pay closer attention to ads when co-viewing programming. This decklette provides a snapshot of who is co-viewing; what is being co-viewed and its unique benefit in driving engagement.

Broadband Only homes have grown over the years but represent only 6% of Total TV Households.  Broadband access continues to be an additive service and not a replacement for cable/satellite or telco services.  To learn more click on the decklette as it provides some highlights on BBO homes.

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