The Real Summer Getaway:

Escaping With Premium Video Content

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Premium Video Content Provides
The Habitual Escape & Relaxation That People Are Looking For

Whether people are on vacation or at home this summer, one thing remains constant – people will actively seek out premium video content, in the form of both multi-screen TV brands and theatrical movie releases, to escape and relax from their daily lives.

The following are some highlights from our report on premium video viewing during the summer:

Summer Activities:
Understanding Seasonal Behaviors

93% of P18+ watch ad-supported TV during the summer

Summer Trends:
Showcasing Season-long Stability

HHs tune into ad-supported TV an average of 25 days persummer month, on par with the rest of the year

The Summer Solstice For TV Brands:
Achieving A High Point Through Multi-screen TV

The ad-supported multi-screen TV P18+ audience is 12x larger than Facebook and 8x larger than YouTube

The Summer Social Scene:
Examining TV’s Popularity In Online Conversations

Ad-supported TV accounted for 67% of the top 10 trending Twitter topics during primetime last summer

Summer In The Cinema:
Delivering Scale Among Younger Audiences

Cinema’s P18-34 composition (53%) is greater than Netflix, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube

To learn more about premium video viewing in the summer, click here to download the report.

Average # of Days Tuned Into Ad-Supported TV


% of Ad-Supported TV Total Viewing Watched “Live”

Household – Total Day

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