Tailor-Made Television

How Consumers Custom Design Their TV Viewing

Time-Shifting refers to the ability of a consumer to access premium TV content when, where, and how it is most convenient for them. The options for time-shifting have grown, driven by the increasing demand consumers have to enjoy more content they love on their terms with more choices available to them.

This freedom of choice appeals to a wide range of viewers across age groups, income brackets and ethnicities, with each group having a specific preference on how they access content beyond live airings.

Our three-part report series will highlight the main ways consumers can time-shift their TV viewing through DVR, Video-On-Demand, and TV Everywhere. We will define each, size the landscape, discuss how many consumers are time-shifting, and review the profiles of time-shifting consumers.

To learn more about the ways viewers can
tailor their TV viewing to their schedule,
download our reports:
TV Everywhere

DVR: More Time Spent Watching TV

Video-on-Demand (VOD): More Content

TV Everywhere (TVE): More Views

Please also visit our Video Trends page for more stats and facts on time-shifting.

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