How Multi-Screen TV Continues to Dominate in Reach, Relevance, and Results

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The Video landscape offers marketers (and consumers)

more choices than ever. The Truth is that no platform drives business like TV’s premium video-at-scale.

Reach: In any given minute, the adult audience watching TV is 45 Million, 13x larger than that watching video on a PC and 37x larger than that watching video on a Mobile phone. The Millennial TV audience is 12x larger than that watching video on a Mobile phone.

Relevance: 84% of TV viewing is live, with Ad-Supported TV accounting for nearly 80% of primetime trending Twitter topics – indicating buzz and cultural relevance. Millennials are choosing to watch Television, with an average TV audience size 2.5x greater than that on YouTube and 7x larger than that on Instagram

Results: TV builds brands – 66% agree that TV has the ability to “make brands famous” (vs. 12% for social media) and 55% agree that TV “draws your attention to brands/products” (vs. 13% for social media). Category “disruptor brands” saw their businesses skyrocket as they increased investment on Television.

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Average A18+ Audience Per Minute

Average Audience, By Platform 18-34 (000)

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