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Assigning TV Credit: A Practical Guide To Attribution

Committed: Exploring Multicultural Viewers’ Passionate Relationship With TV Programming

Linear TV and OTT: Living Together in Harmony

The Role of Premium Multi-screen Video in an Ad Campaign

Risky Business: Exploring Brand Safety on YouTube

Left To Your Own Devices: Understanding Consumption In Today’s Connected World

Committed: Exploring Millennials’ Meaningful Relationship With TV Programming

A Look Under the Hood: How TV Drives Digital Interactions For Automotive

It’s A Matter Of Trust:
Media’s Influence On Voters

Don’t Sleep On TV: Driving Outcomes For The Mattress & Bedding Categories

Direct Impact: How TV
Drives Outcomes For
Direct-Disruptor Brands

Tailor-Made Television:
TV Everywhere

Tailor-Made Television: Video-on-Demand

Tailor-Made Television: DVR

The Real Summer Getaway: Escaping With Premium Video Content

Good Fortune: A Look at the Behaviors & Media Consumption of Affluent Americans

The Echo Chamber Effect: Perceptions vs. Realities in the 2018 Video Advertising Environment

You Down With OTT? An Overview of The Video Ecosystem


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