VAB / WARC White Paper:

The Role of Premium Multi-screen Video in an Ad Campaign

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As the amount of ad-supported video content has expanded,

the choices marketers have where to run their campaigns have increased exponentially. In response to this growth, marketers have widened their consideration sets to include different types of video platforms.

In order to help marketers navigate this complexity, the VAB, in partnership with WARC, a global marketing knowledge and intelligence organization, developed “The Role of Premium Multi-screen Video in an Ad Campaign.” This white paper outlines the fundamental elements of a strong video ad platform.

This paper focuses on the role and effectiveness of premium multi-screen video – the professionally produced content of multi-screen Television and Cinema. We outline the important roles these media play in the new video agnostic landscape and explore how they “measure up” on the fundamental elements of a video ad platform. Here are a few highlights:

1. Reach and scale

  • In any given minute, the audience watching TV branded content (either on TV or online) is 10x larger than the audience viewing YouTube.

2. The ability to drive sales

  • Campaigns using reach-driving TV are 29% more likely to report large business effects vs. those that do not.

3. The presence of an emotional connection with consumers

  • 85% of purchases are based on emotional attachment.

4. Social and cultural relevance of the content

  • In a recent study, ad-supported TV accounted for nearly 70% of top 10 trending Twitter topics during Primetime.

5. Strong data and analytics capabilities

  • U.S. TV ad-spending dedicated to audience-based buying (addressable and programmatic) has increased nine-fold over the last 3 years.

6. Brand-building ad environment

  • The “active viewing” of TV ads is nearly double that of YouTube ads, leading to increased purchase intent.

For more insight into how to plan in a video agnostic environment, click here to download the white paper

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