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Video Advertising Bureau

Assigning TV Credit: A Practical Guide To Attribution

A comprehensive overview on the evolution of TV attribution complete with best practices and “real world” case studies

Video Advertising Bureau

Committed: Exploring Multicultural Viewers’ Passionate Relationship With TV Programming

A custom study looking at the different ways Black and Hispanic viewers engage with TV programming vs. the non-Hispanic White demo

Video Advertising Bureau

Linear TV and OTT: Living Together in Harmony

Insights & analysis to demonstrate the combined strength of linear TV & ad-supported OTT

Video Advertising Bureau

The Role of Premium Multi-screen Video in an Ad Campaign

Examining the role and effectiveness of multi-screen TV and cinema within a video agnostic landscape

Video Advertising Bureau

Risky Business: Exploring Brand Safety on YouTube

A probe into brand safety on YouTube, the implications for advertisers, and identifying ad opportunities in popular, brand safe content.

Video Advertising Bureau

Left To Your Own Devices: Understanding Consumption In Today’s Connected World

A comprehensive look at device segmentation & usage within the video landscape based on 1Q ’18 data

2016 VAB Video Fact Book

Order your copy of the just-released 2016 Video Fact Book. Filled with hundreds of charts, this 120+ page resource is a must have for all marketers.

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Industry News

December 5, 2018

The Story of Digital Media Disruption Has Run Its Course

Internet ad spend may still be growing at the expense of newspapers and magazines, but market maturity is approaching, news brands have diversified and most ‘traditional’ media will also grow next year

December 3, 2018

Advanced TV Attribution Now on Par With Digital

Advanced TV is it’s no longer in the development stage but is now as mature and capable as digital attribution. TV delivery combined with data provides a way to engage customers at all levels of the marketing funnel.

November  29, 2018

Marketers Benefit From Embracing Linear and OTT as More Households Stream Video

Combining linear TV and ad-supported OTT inventory can deliver even stronger campaign results and increased business outcomes for marketers

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“Without using television, I don’t think
we would be where we are today”

Niraj Shah, Wayfair Co-Founder & CEO

“We saw significant movement in a positive
direction, after we started advertising on TV”

Christine Hunsicker, Gwynnie Bee Founder & CEO

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