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Video Advertising Bureau

Doubling Down: Exploring Tech Giants’ Investment In TV

An analysis illustrating Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Google’s historical growth in their TV investments

Video Advertising Bureau

Left To Your Own Devices: Understanding Consumption In Today’s Connected World

A comprehensive look at device segmentation & usage within the media landscape based on 2Q ’18 data

Video Advertising Bureau

A Facebook Analysis: Sizing Their Duplicate & False Accounts

A chart that puts the scope of Facebook’s duplicate and false accounts’ growth into perspective

Video Advertising Bureau

Spotlight on Affluent Cinema Goers

Insights into how affluent movie goers engage with cinema advertising.

Video Advertising Bureau

What’s The Spread? NFL on Amazon In-Game Stream vs. TV Audience Comparison 2018 Season

A custom study revealing YouTube Enthusiasts’ emotional relationship between ad-supported TV and original YouTube content.

Video Advertising Bureau

TV Preferred: Understanding YouTube Enthusiasts’ Affinity For Video Content

A custom study revealing YouTube Enthusiasts’ emotional relationship between ad-supported TV and original YouTube content.

2016 VAB Video Fact Book

Order your copy of the just-released 2016 Video Fact Book. Filled with hundreds of charts, this 120+ page resource is a must have for all marketers.

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Industry News

February 11, 2019

Closing Television’s Real-Time Engagement and Attribution Loop

Advanced TV and linear TV platforms still need to close the “real-time loop” to truly achieve campaign optimization and ROI.

February 5, 2019

Esports Playing in the Big Leagues Now

Esports is growing across platforms, including Television. There has been explosive growth in both viewership and revenues.

january 30, 2019

‘We are creating the future foundation’: How NBCUniversal is marrying TV spots with digital ads

NBCUniversal, in partnership with FreeWheel, is looking to get rid of the distinction between linear TV and digital by taking digital ad delivery technology and applying it to linear TV.

january 22, 2019

‘They need the scale’: DTC Brands Like Peloton and Chewy Are Buying More TV Ads

The decision to buy more TV comes from the natural maturation of DTC companies have outgrown the reach they have on social channels. They are also seeing their competitors take an interest in the channel and see results.

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“Without using television, I don’t think
we would be where we are today”

Niraj Shah, Wayfair Co-Founder & CEO

“We saw significant movement in a positive
direction, after we started advertising on TV”

Christine Hunsicker, Gwynnie Bee Founder & CEO

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