A Look Under the Hood:

The Effects Of TV Spend On Digital Interactions

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Automotive continues to be one of the largest category spenders in media and has recently seen double-digit growth in TV advertising expenditures during 2017’s all-important 4Q time period when new model year vehicles are released.

While many automotive brands have increased their TV investment because savvy marketers know that it works, some brands have recently decreased their investment in TV and re-allocated their dollars to other platforms.

In this report, A Look Under the Hood, we analyze 25 of the top automotive manufacturers to examine the relationship between their TV spend and key digital metrics like website traffic, search queries, social actions and online video views. We explore specific examples of how TV spend, both increases and decreases, has an effect on the desire of a consumer to further engage with a brand through online investigation, conversation and exploration.

Here are some highlights:

  • 76% of Automotive brands examined showed a direct correlation between TV Spend & Website Traffic
  • On average, the brands that increased their TV investment spent 15% more on TV and saw a 48% increase in unique website visitors
  • On average, the brands that decreased their TV investment spent 15% less on TV and saw a 28% decline in unique website visitors
  • Brands that increased their TV investment also saw significant lifts in search queries, social actions and online views

We also examined results by Domestic, Asian and European segments to provide an even greater level of detail within this analysis.

To learn more about how TV drives digital interactions for automotive, click here to download the report.

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TV Spend Drives
Search Queries

TV Spend Directly Correlates
to Website Traffic

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