The VAB’s mission is to provide marketers with industry-defining data, actionable thought leadership and planning tools to navigate and optimize the ever-expanding world of premium multiscreen video content.

In collaboration with our member partners, the VAB champions the undeniable power of premium video advertising.

The VAB is overseen by an esteemed Board of Directors comprised of Ad Sales Presidents from our member companies.



Full Membership

Full VAB membership is available to ad-supported programmers and premium content distributors.
VAB full members include virtually all of the national broadcast and ad-supported cable networks, regional
cable networks, MVPDs and major cinema advertising companies.

The VAB enables all of these organizations to actively work together in championing the power of premium video and its collective ad assets. Full VAB members are eligible for VAB’s Board of Directors.

Associate Membership 

VAB Associate Membership is only available to suppliers, vendors, tech companies, and PE firms who support the advertising industry.

Some of the benefits of Associate Membership include:

  • Announcement from VAB CEO to Board including description of your company and contact info
  • Exclusive, early access to proprietary insight reports which may be customized and shared with clients

Opportunity to:

  • Be a featured speaker on VAB webinar, promoted to over 2k marketers, agency execs and VAB members
  • Share insights or presentations on VAB’s member-only website
  • Post 2 articles or press releases/year on VAB home page
  • Make annual special offer to VAB members via database and social media

Interested in becoming a VAB member? Please contact Danielle DeLauro to learn more.

VAB Leadership

Sean Cunningham

Sean Cunningham

President & CEO

Danielle DeLauro

Danielle DeLauro

Executive Vice President

Jason Wiese

Jason Wiese

SVP, Director of Strategic Insights

Marianne Vita

Marianne Vita

Vice President,
Strategic Insights

Lauren Leff

Lauren Leff

Vice President, Marketing &

Laura Valentin

Laura Valentin

Controller &
Operations Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a listing of some articles featuring the VAB since our launch in May 2015.

What is the VAB?

The Video Advertising Bureau is an advocacy group that represents and advocates for our membership who include: virtually all of the national broadcast and ad-supported cable networks, regional cable networks, MVPDs and major cinema advertising companies.

What does the VAB do?

The VAB provides marketers with insights, actionable thought leadership and planning tools to navigate the ever-expanding world of premium multiscreen video. Our primary focus is to develop Insight Reports and thought pieces on video-related topics posed to us by marketers. Due to the fact that we rely primarily on transparent, 3rd party data, our research and reports have become a trusted resource for a wide range of large and small marketers, advertisers and their agencies. The VAB is also the voice for premium multiscreen video at conferences, advertising industry events, and individual presentations to marketers and agencies.

Can I buy TV advertising through the VAB?

The VAB does not sell advertising or provide pricing. However we do have tools & resources to help you get started advertising on TV. Visit our Advertise on TV page, which has a “how to” guide and contact resources for your local cable/telco & national network providers. These members can work with you directly to put together an advertising campaign.

Can the VAB make my company a commercial?

The VAB does not produce commercials, however several of our members have production capabilities. As you work with your local telco/cable or national network providers (click here to access the directories), you can also discuss commercial production opportunities.

Contact Us

VAB is located at 830 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10022
Main Phone – 212-508-1200
Fax – 212-832-3268

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Danielle DeLauro

Lauren Leff

Jason Wiese

Leah Montner-Dixon

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