Getting Started Advertising on TV

National TV Advertising

If you are interested in advertising nationally, it is recommended to directly contact the networks. The TV Network Directory link below provides contact information at VAB Member Networks. The network salespeople can provide you with information about programming and audiences to help with your planning needs.

Network Directory

Looking for contact information at a specific network? This directory provides sales contact information by network.

Local TV Advertising

If you are looking to advertise locally, the Video Distributor Directory tool below will help you contact the local Cable/Telco distributor in your market. If you are looking to advertise in more than one local market, NCC media is a one-stop resource for buying across multiple local markets

Browse by DMA

Browse by State

TV Advertising Drives Results

Read our reports below to see how TV drives business results

Direct to Consumer

Category Disruptors

Call To Action:
(Retail, Travel, QSR, Telcos)

Mobile Apps

Pure Play Digital


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