Assigning TV Credit:

A Practical Guide To Attribution

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Attribution, And Specifically TV Attribution, Has Evolved Significantly In The Last Few Years.

Digital media by its very nature is easily correlated to online behavior and response metrics, whereas the impact of TV advertising and other offline media has been more challenging to measure.

Once confined to brand and awareness metrics, the world of TV attribution has now expanded to measure responses and assign value throughout the purchase funnel.

This paper, produced in partnership with The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC), focuses on that evolution by illustrating TV’s value in the marketing mix through a range of “real world” case studies from across the industry while also providing a comprehensive yet simple understanding of attribution.

Key Takeaways from the Guide:

  1. Attribution has evolved from a basic marketing mix modeling approach to a multi-touch, cross-screen approach, improving granularity, efficiency and accuracy
  2. Advancements in data and the processing of that data has enabled marketers to measure the full-funnel impact of their TV marketing spend
  3. It is vital to employ best practices against baselines and statistical significance to deliver valuable and consistent results
  4. Selecting the right attribution partner will depend on industry vertical and/or campaign objective
  5. Managing data agreements and expectations, as well as ensuring all privacy safeguards are in place, are keys to attribution success.

Read What The Industry Is Saying About TV Attribution:

“Television drives positive business outcomes and, through attribution advancements, we are now able to prove that it does and show results,”
Keith Kazerman, Group SVP, Research, Data & Engage at Discovery

“Measuring and optimizing TV investment based on business-outcomes is no longer optional for any brand seeking to grow revenue or market share. The ability to measure TV ads in a real-time, unified and attributable manner has taken many years of rigorous development, iteration and market acceptance,”
Sean Muller, CEO of

“With the increasing penetration of advanced TV platforms, sophisticated measurement capabilities are now a vital piece of the TV advertising budget. When using high-quality location data, these channels offer the unique added benefit of real time, location-driven attribution, actionable insights and quantifiable ROI never before possible with linear TV,”
Kevin Reilly, Head of Measurement, Factual

“In an increasingly fragmented premium video environment, we’ve found that addressable TV strategies provide brands more opportunities to engage with the right audiences. Through our work with major brands across industries, these strategies can add both incremental reach and reinforce a brand’s message and value proposition with the intended target. What’s more, the analytics that advanced TV provides can be used to optimize campaigns to ensure better outcomes in the future,”
Tom Fochetta, Head of Business, Samsung Ads

“Advancements in TV analytics and attribution measurement have eliminated the guesswork and allowed marketers to accurately quantify the real impact of their TV advertising investment,”
Danielle DeLauro, EVP at the VAB

Attribution for television has arrived and now marketers have the proof that they have instinctively understood for decades: TV drives results.

To learn more about TV attribution, click here to download the guide.

The Evolution of Attribution Models

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