Cinema Delivers A Mass Audience of the Most Passionate, Engaged, Rabid Fans Anywhere

Almost everyone goes to the movies…

86% of adults 18-49 go to the movies each year

They rush to watch newly-released trailers online…

Movie trailers can garner millions of online views in their first 24 hours after release

Then they go to see recent theatrical releases in droves…

The top-grossing movies in Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Horror, Animation & Musical genres have all been released within the last 5 years

They look at their favorite characters almost like family…

Movie characters are like family, and many have even been around for much longer (52+ years of James Bond, 40+ years of Luke Skywalker, 40+ years of Rocky)

They travel to places they see in their favorite films…

Popular movies can increase tourism 31%, on average, to a featured location

They’re so passionate that they create their own fan art…

“Fan-made” trailers can achieve millions of views online

And they’ll buy just about any merchandise that’s created

Movie/entertainment based licensed merchandise generate $118 billion in global retail sales annually

To learn more about how Cinema permeates culture, click here to download the full report.

2016 Attendance


P6 – P34 Audience Composition

Cinema vs. Total Internet

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