The Echo Chamber Effect

Perceptions vs. Realities in the 2018 Video Advertising Environment

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Assume Nothing, Investigate Everything

We’ve all become familiar how echo chambers work and just how much trouble can come out of hearing a skewed set of views repeated so much that those views become “reality”.

In constantly meeting with advertisers and their agencies, it became clear that an echo chamber of assumed truths and trends grew into echo-assured consumer media seismic shifts. With the meteoric rise of ad tech supplanting the fading incumbent TV leading to the eventual big win of all things video advertising for ad tech.

There’s just one problem with this sure shift:

If you jump out of the echo chamber for a minute and check the actual facts, the industry trading currency facts – the big shift in consumer’s video behavior? – It just ain’t so.

Have a quick read of the pages that follow and then do what we do to break free of the video ad echo chamber – Assume nothing and investigate everything

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